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Sahem Association

-Sahem Association is an independent, non-profit association, which brings us together with common developmental and social goals to advance and invest in society and people.

-The Sahem Association is concerned with supporting projects in an endowment (non-profit) capacity, so that if it achieves profits (as a partner in the project), it reinvests it either in the same project or in other non-profit projects..

-A licensed association contributed in Germany in the state of Bavaria.

-After approval and approval of the goals of our association by the Fürth City Court, we obtained the approval of the Tax Agency (Finanzamt) to exempt donors from taxes for the charity of our project..

-The Sahem Association grows with you, your contributions and your belief in it. It is an ongoing charity for you with your support for your sustainable projects in it.

What are our goals

Why was Sahem Association established?

Over the past years that our region has gone through unusual circumstances, many people have taken refuge in refugee camps that lack the basic necessities of life, such as infrastructure, hospitals, health and education. There was an urgent need to support our displaced brothers in the refugee camps, who were forced by the war to leave their homes and properties. With the continued deterioration of living conditions, relief work has turned into a huge burden that drains money and consumes a large treasury of resources, even from major charities, without improving the condition of aid recipients in general.

Our vision

- With our respect for relief work and our recognition of its importance, our association wants to specialize in the aforementioned pattern of supporting non-profit projects in society (despite its difficulties and delay in harvesting its fruits), because it is an industry of action and distance from emotional reactions, and because it is the real solution to change the situation of the individual or the family from A passive recipient to a positive actor in society.

Our goals

- Supporting development, social or educational projects, whether they exist but need to be supported financially, or if they are stalled projects due to the inability to finance.Entering as a partner in some projects with the aim of supporting them financially and helping them to get up and stand up, because their success is a continuation of the jobs of some people, and in the event that profits are made in these projects, the proceeds of them return either to the same project for its development or to support other projects that need support.- Helping and supporting those who follow the same path in areas that may not be related to endowment work, in delivering their aid and donations to those who deserve it, especially in difficult times that may pass for our brothers wherever they are.

Short stories about the current work of Sahem Charity

Before the launch of the Sahem Association, we supported a retail store project that started with three people with a capital of 10,000 dollars, then expanded to reach five people and then seven people. This project is still standing, thanks to God, retaining its capital and profits, which return to be pumped into the same project for its development and expansion to achieve the project's goal. The capital amounted to 10,000 dollars in the event that it was allocated to seven families on a relief basis for a period of two years, so that it would be consumed. With the support of this project, we kept the capital that we are developing and expanding, thanks to God, and we were able to employ seven people (subsidizing seven families). It is this type of project that reduces the pressure on relief organizations, yes, slowly but sustainably, God willing.

During the founding of the Sahem Association, we communicated with some educational initiatives and some schools that need support to continue the educational process, so we decided upon the launch of the association to focus on education because it supports the educational system in those affected areas and the support and teaching staff that suffer from scarcity of resources, and because it achieves a goal Noble in combating ignorance, raising and educating children, and giving them one of their most basic rights, so that they may be an asset for us in the face of future days, immune from the ideas of extremism that surround them, for extremism is the companion of ignorance.
This project includes, in addition to supporting schools, sponsorship of students from the primary stages until graduation, as will be explained in the profiles.

After the tangible impact achieved by a campaign to restore uninhabitable houses in northern Syria through and supervision of the young doctor Ahmed Al-Lababidi and a group of philanthropists, Sahem decided to work alongside this good initiative that changed and improved the general condition of many affected families with small amounts.
We have chosen an aspect that is compatible with the available financial mass, compared to achieving a good, clear, rapid, and sustainable impact on people’s lives, which is contributing to the restoration and cladding of homes and providing them with basics such as doors, windows, toilets, and water tanks, as these supplies greatly affect achieving what can be achieved in terms of protection, warmth, privacy, dignity, and contributing to the transition The residents of these unequipped or empty homes, as a step towards a better life and prompted them to think about completing the shortcomings, as a result of the usual assistance mechanisms provided generally prevailed in the mentality of need, destitution, suffering, despair, helplessness, and the lack of feeling the need to improve the personal, family and collective reality.

Our achievements in numbers

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Some messages from our students

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The Sahem Charity Association receives donations to build a promising future for outstanding students and to support educational projects and projects for re-cladding damaged homes.