Contribute endowment shares to Sham school

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contribute endowment shares to Sham School

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ساهم في مدرسة شام (أسهم وقفية)

1% funded

-Supporting the school by purchasing endowment shares in it so that the profits achieved will be for the benefit of education and students in the school.

The remaining $10,000 left for the school to clear its debt

- After the success of Al-Sham Model School in overcoming many difficulties
Over years of sacrifice, patience, seriousness, perseverance and work…
And over the course of our communication with the school administration, the ambition is still great and the development is pioneering.. and thanks to the continuous documentation that the school provides us with,
which gives hope to the participants who support this project.
We will remain supportive of this unique educational process and others like it, God willing.

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