education support sector

Education sector

This sector aims to support educational facilities in an endowment manner. By purchasing assets there, or by adopting education expenses for orphans or the needy.


-During the establishment of the Sahem Association, we contacted some educational initiatives and some schools that need support to continue the educational process. we decided at the launch of the association to focus on education, for what it contains. Supporting the educational system in those affected areas,
and supporting teaching staff that suffer from scarcity of resources,because it achieves a noble goal in combating illiteracy and raising and educating children, < /big>And give them one of their most basic rights, so that they will be an asset for us in the future,
immune to the ideas of extremism that surround them.

-This project includes, in addition to supporting schools, sponsoring students from the primary stages until graduation, as will be clarified in the profiles.

Education sector projects

Sham School

Cham Model School is one of the distinguished schools in the field of education, and we work to ensure outstanding students who are unable to afford the tuition fees
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