Campaign to help the earthquake victims

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Campaign to help the earthquake victims

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حملة مساعدة متضرري الزلزال

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It is no secret to everyone the great affliction that befell our brothers in Syria, which increased their anxiety and suffering in pain...
We ask God to heal their wounded, accept their martyrs, and give them patience in their affliction and make it their share of hardship in this world and the Hereafter.

In light of these exceptional circumstances, and due to the inability of some of us to provide assistance directly to those affected, the Sahem Endowment Association exceptionally opens its funds in a relief manner to provide assistance and deliver your trusts to those who deserve it.


We ask God to accept all of us and from you, and to help us and you to contribute to alleviating the suffering that befell our brothers.
Any amount, no matter how small, will help alleviate the suffering.
Let's all be active for that and find ourselves in goodness.

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